Designer wallpaper decor in Chennai Give your Home/Office/Shop a complete makeover with our premium designer wallpaper collection. Check out our extensive collection of wallpapers meticulously categorized according to rooms, patterns and nature of business. DISCOVER Premium Designer Wallpapers Flooring decor in chennai Revamp the look and feel of your Home/Office with our high-quality handpicked flooring options. Right from grass carpets to wooden and vinyl flooring, we have got everything you need. DISCOVER Exceptional Flooring and Carpets window blinds in chennai Decorate your windows as well as protect your privacy with our high quality and durable window blinds. Enhance your décor to the next level by choosing from PVC blinds, vertical blinds or rolling blinds. DISCOVER High Quality Window Blinds custom wallpaper dealer in chennai Have some particular wallpaper idea in your mind and want the same on your walls? We can design custom wallpapers according to your ideas and requirements. Creating breath-taking custom wallpapers are easy and affordable with us. DISCOVER Desirable Custom Wallpapers

What do We do?

Since 2015, Mass Wallpapers as a wallpaper dealer in Chennai helps the customers to design their dream home with both high quality and unlimited collections of designer wallpapers, window blinds, flooring and carpets. Hence, Mass Wallpapers is one of the leading wallpaper dealers in Chennai with thousands of happy customers.

As a prominent wallpaper dealer in Chennai apart from designer wallpapers, we also provide customised wallpaper according to our customers’ requirement.

So have a tour around our website and dive deep into our extensive collection of wallpapers and other decors to find out the right ones for your residential or commercial spaces.

Best wallpaper dealer in chennai
Best wallpaper dealer in Chennai

Why Mass Wallpapers?

Here are the reasons to choose Mass Wallpapers as your wallpaper dealer over others in Chennai.

Premium Quality

All of our wallpapers, floorings and blinds are of the highest quality. We are sure that the moment you see, touch and feel them you will never second guess their quality.

Professional Finishing

Since we believe in quality products and quality work, the outcome will be of nothing less but the best. You cant find the difference between paint work & wallpaper.

Extensive Collection

We have a humongous collection of wallpapers and decors categorised into huge sections. Hence, you can always find the one you are looking for. Or you can custom design.


Our team believes that Every person has the right to decorate their dream home. Hence, we make sure that you are getting the best products and services for an affordable price tag.


For your ease of going through our products, we have categorised our decors into four major ones. Click any of them to explore more.


Explore our stunning collection of wallpapers for your walls. Choosing the right wallpaper for your walls is the first step of decorating your home/office.


Explore the breath-taking flooring and carpet options we provide. A perfect flooring coupled with a designer wallpaper can astonish your clients/visitors.


Check out various window blinds we offer which keeps your privacy intact as well as complements your décor. Window blinds make your décor look complete.


Having a special idea on your mind? No problem. We can print & deliver any custom designed wallpaper of your choice for your rooms.


Never miss an opportunity to be creative and classy with your residential and commercial spaces. Feel free to contact us and express yourself.

Check Our Various Wallpaper Categories


Now you can easily get your dream home decor done in 4 simple steps

1. Lets Connect

Once you contact us, we reach out to you so that we can talk about your design preferences, and discuss your goals and ideas for the project.

2. Explore Designs

Explore our variety of catalogues and designer wallpaper collections. If you have a specific idea, we can customise and do that for you.

3. You Choose

We can also show you the sample catalogs in live so that you can touch and feel the wallpaper texture and material quality to get a better idea.

4. We Fix it

After choosing the design, we calculate the required wallpaper rolls and coordinate a time to begin the project & fix it for you. It’s that easy.


Best wallpaper dealer in Chennai for over 10 years with imported wallpaper decors


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