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Flooring is the first thing people notice when they enter a house. That is why choosing the right kind of flooring in accordance with the design and material is important. For the ease of your selection, we have categorised flooring designs and options in the following. Feel free check them out and choose the right one according to your needs. In case, if you need help in choosing or have some queries, you can give us a call right away.

Vinyl flooring Decor in Chennai

Vinyl Flooring

Versatile and efficient with plenty of designs

Wooden flooring Decor in Chennai

Wooden Flooring

Classic luxury with a modern touch

Carpets flooring Decor in Chennai


Warm, cosy and noise-free flooring.

Artificial Grass flooring Decor in Chennai

Grass Flooring

Comfy and durable grass flooring with low maintenance.

Haven’t found the one you are looking for? Need more collections?

The ones mentioned on our website are just a tiny fraction of what we provide.

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120+Flooring Options
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You are just one decision away from creating unique and gorgeous interiors. Give us a call to enquire, to express, to view more collections and to give your residential and commercial spaces a brand-new look. We are here to help you.

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