Wallpaper for walls and Murals

Choosing a premium designer wallpaper for your walls is the first step of decorating your rooms to the next level.

Check out our Various Collections

In order to make your selection easier, we have curated a list of most popular wallpaper categories for walls. Explore these categories and pick out the right wallpaper for your walls and let them convey the vibe which you want to create.

Wallpaper Collections by Design

Create a style statement for your residential or commercial space with our premium collection of designer wallpaper for walls.

floral wallpapers dealers in chennai

Floral Wallpapers

Decorate your walls with the serene beauty of flowers.

Brick wallpapers dealers in chennai

Brick Wallpapers

Rustic yet modern, simple yet creative wallpapers.

Wood wallpapers dealers in chennai

Wood Wallpapers

For the warm, comfy and elegant rooms with a touch of nature.

Nature wallpapers dealers in chennai

Nature Wallpapers

Feel the oneness with mother earth from your room.

Vintage wallpapers dealers in chennai

Vintage Wallpapers

Classic luxury coupled with timeless beauty

Texture wallpapers dealers in chennai

Textured Wallpapers

A perfect way to compliment your spaces with minimalistic luxury.

3D wallpapers dealers in chennai

3D Wallpapers

Create ultra-realistic, high definition and extra-dimensional walls.

Gold wallpapers dealers in chennai

Gold Wallpapers

Luxurious & Elegant or industrious, choose your way.

Wallpaper Collections by Room Types

Choose the best wallpaper based upon the Room type.

Living Room wallpapers dealers in chennai

Living Room Wallpapers

Breathe life into your living rooms.

Bedroom wallpapers dealers in chennai

Bed Room Wallapers

Create a soothing, intimate and perfect resting space

Kids Room wallpapers dealers in chennai

Kids Room Wallpapers

Colourful, vibrant and bright, just like your kids

Wallpaper Dealer in Chennai - Our Works

Office Wallpapers

For creating interesting, fun and productive office environment

Commercial wallpapers dealers in chennai

Commercial Wallpapers

For trendy, engaging and impactful commercial spaces

Ceiling Wallpaper Dealer in Chennai

Ceiling Wallpapers

Make the room feel complete with our ceiling wallpapers

Haven’t found the one you are looking for? Need more collections?

The ones mentioned on our website are just a tiny fraction of what we provide.

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Wallpaper for walls and Murals

Mass wallpapers, as a renowned wallpaper dealer in Chennai, has an extensive collection of 8000+ wallpapers for walls under 200+ categories, and the list keeps on growing every month.

First of all, the ones mentioned on our website are just a tiny fraction of what we provide.

Our most popular wallpaper categories include floralplain & texturedwoodbrick and vintage wallpapers. These wallpapers are suitable for both residential and commercial spaces.

In addition to that, we also have special wallpaper categories which include customised wallpapers3d wallpapers and luxurious gold and metallic wallpapers, which take your breath away, every time you enter your room.

Moreover, we have hundreds of wallpaper categories namely abstract, colourful, water world, wildlife, nature, spiritual, etc.

In conclusion, whatever the wallpaper requirement for your walls are, we are here to help you, to create the best look and feel for your home as well as your office environment.

Mass Wallpapers - The best wallpaper dealer in Chennai

You are just one decision away from creating unique and gorgeous interiors. Give us a call to enquire, to express, to view more collections and to give your residential and commercial spaces a brand-new look. We are here to help you.

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