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Carpets – Designs and Options
Warm, cosy and noise-free flooring can be easily achieved with our carpets.

If you are looking for a flooring option with utmost comfort and warmness, look nowhere else as carpets can exactly fulfil these requirements. Carpets are one of the widely used flooring options especially in homes and industries dealing with hospitality and corporate structures.

Apart from wallpaper for walls, Mass Wallpapers also provides a wide variety of flooring options including carpets. The best things when it comes to choosing carpets are the number of colour options available and the warmth and comfort it provides.

You can choose a carpet which suits your interiors from a wide range of colours like different shades of grey, blue, brown, red, pink, black and so on. In addition to that you also have a handful of patterns like textures, flowers, stripes, waves and so on.

Also you can choose between cooler shades, warmer shades or neutral shades of carpets according to your environment and the vibe you want to create. Carpets look best when coupled with wallpapers of minimal textures, floral patterns, brick and wood patterns.

As carpets can hide dust and dirt, multiple cleaning every day is not required when compared to other flooring options. Vacuuming on regular intervals in a week can easily make your carpets look cleaner and more durable. Moreover, carpets are one of the best options if noise reduction is one of your primary requirements. Hence, homes with children and pets, indoor stadiums and similar places use carpets as their primary flooring.

Check out our carpet flooring samples and get in touch with us to see more designs and to know whether carpets are the best flooring options for you.

Wallpaper for walls and Murals

Mass wallpapers, as a renowned wallpaper dealer in Chennai, has an extensive collection of 8000+ wallpapers for walls under 200+ categories, and the list keeps on growing every month.

First of all, the ones mentioned on our website are just a tiny fraction of what we provide.

Our most popular wallpaper categories include floral, plain & textured, wood, brick and vintage wallpapers. These wallpapers are suitable for both residential and commercial spaces.

In addition to that, we also have special wallpaper categories which include customised wallpapers, 3d wallpapers and luxurious gold and metallic wallpapers, which take your breath away, every time you enter your room.

Moreover, we have hundreds of wallpaper categories namely abstract, colourful, water world, wildlife, nature, spiritual, etc.

In conclusion, whatever the wallpaper requirement for your walls are, we are here to help you, to create the best look and feel for your home as well as your office environment.

Haven’t found the one you are looking for? Need more collections?

The ones mentioned on our website are just a tiny fraction of what we provide.
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